About Us

We specialize in home delivery of Braai and Firewood products including Bluegum firewood, which is a great hard wood that can be used in most fire places including combustion fireplaces and Pizza ovens. We deliver in Gauteng, covering the Greater Johannesburg area, North Rand, East Rand, South Rand, West Rand, Centurion, Parts or Pretoria and the Vaal.

The Bluegum or Eucalyptus tree is considered an invader tree because of it’s high water consumption.

It is estimated by EvapoTranspiration figures that each tree has a daily consumption up to  20 liters, but these figures may vary in a wide span. This means that one single tree will consume 7300 litres of water per year and that during that same time a typical plantation (1100 trees/hectare) will consume 8,030,000 litres of water per hectare/year.

Our wood is harvested, dried and bagged on site and is at least 3 seasons dried. 

pizza baking in oven at pizzeria
fire flames with sparks on the coals
Feet in wool striped socks by the fireplace. Relaxing at Christmas fireplace on holiday evening.